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Wedding services

Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel offers to help you in choice of musical background and flower design for your wedding reception. We will take care of sweet presents for your guests, a wedding cake, accessories, wedding photo session settings and many other trifles making your reception magic, unforgettable and very special one.

Wedding ceremony

The on-site wedding ceremony held at romantic settings of Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel will add lots of memorable impressions to your wedding day. We will be happy to arrange for you the official ceremony at the elegant hotel foyer, stylish Grasse hall or at the open veranda during warm seasons. Exquisite French chairs Napoleon III will add some special charm to your festive ceremony. Wedding ceremony

Guests presents from Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel

Little souvenirs from your wedding will remind your guests your wedding day. Such presents will be a nice surprise for your guests which they can find in their rooms or which will be given them before their leaving.

Home-made jam (strawberry, raspberry, apple, pear, pumpkin) or Macaron almond confection in a stylish packing from Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel.

Guests presents from Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel

Wedding photo session in PROVENCE style

Both solemn and romantic interior of soft pastel colours of Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel will be the best settings for your wedding photo session. You can choose the rooms you like as well as designer furniture to create memorable pictures. Wedding photo session in PROVENCE style

Flower design

The wedding ceremony place, banquette hall, bride and bridegroom’s table, cocktail tables and ceremonial staircase may be exquisitely decorated with flower compositions in the style chosen by you. Flower design

Bride and bridegroom’s arrival

Bride and bridegroom’s arrival to the wedding reception is one of the most long-awaited and intriguing monuments of the reception.

We offer you retro car rent for your wedding. Your arrival will impress your guests and emphasize the sophisticated and unique style of the reception.

Bride and bridegroom’s arrival

Wedding accessories

Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel will take care of every wedding trifle by offering a collection of hand-made wedding accessories: vintage rings pillows, natural flower confetti, wreaths, name tables and many other things. Wedding accessories

Wedding cake

It is one more way to make your reception striking and unforgettable. At the celebration culmination our chef and confectioners will astonish you and your guests with a wonderful confectionery masterpiece. 
Wedding cake

Musical background

Live music during a cocktail reception or festive dinner will create a special mood for the whole evening. Taking into account your musical preferences we will help you to choose a singer, jazz group, brass band or chamber orchestra. Musical background

Photo session in Zakharovo and Viazemy estates

Beautiful manorial estates are located only at 10 minutes’ drive from Tatiana PROVENCE boutique hotel. You will find here lots of unique picturesque places for your wedding walk: a palace built in XVIII, estate house, ancient parks and alleys, ponds created in XVI-XIX centuries, pavilions – all these things will add wonderful poetic enchantment to your photos. Photo session in Zakharovo and Viazemy estates

If you have any questions regarding wedding reception arrangement, please, call us: +7(495)721-25-26

We will be glad to answer all your questions.


Address, phones

  • Address: 12 Moscowskaya str., Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, 143180
  • Tel.: +7(495)597-70-28
  • Tel.: +7(495)721-25-26
  • Fax: +7(498)715-78-93
  • Email: reservation@tatiana-provence.ru
  • GPS:
    Latitude: 55°43′48.5″N (55.73014)
    Longitude: 36°51′11.38″E (36.85316)
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