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SPA AVIGNON invites you to dive into the wonderful world of natural beauty and meet a variety of SPA programs based on natural Italian cosmetics Gerard's.

Italian cosmetics company Gerard's was founded in 1969 by a chemist and naturalist Dr. Gerardo Barbieri whose aim was to create cosmetics using the gifts of nature as a rich source of health and beauty.

The main base of Gerard's cosmetics is extracts from organic natural ingredients that have passed stringent microbiological and chemical analysis. Selected components do not violate the natural functions of the skin, retain its pH balance, do not destroy the protective hydro-lipid layer.

Specialists of AVIGNON SPA center will diagnose skin condition, line up a comprehensive program of care or offer separate procedures for a particular cosmetic problem. Variety of procedures and cosmetics, which have certain specialized effect, allows lining up skin care and treatment individually, which leads to guaranteed results in a short period of time.

Service hours: daily 10: 00 - 22: 00

For procedures reservation call + 7 (495) 597 - 70 - 28

AVIGNON SPA center offers the following unique programs from Gerard's:

Purifying oil and plant wrap - 90 min
Procedure deeply cleanses, stimulates lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and fluid excess, oxygenates the skin. It has a relaxing and harmonizing effect.

Thermal mud and the Dead sea salt wrap - 90 min
Perfect addition to the treatment of joints, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatic pain. Thanks to its own heat irradiation dirt has a powerful drainage effect; stimulates microcirculation, detoxification; nourishes the hair and scalp.

Freeze - Dried Seaweed wrap - 90 min.
All power of the ocean is concentrated in this procedure: it stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, reduce the volume and fights cellulite, improves skin elasticity saturating it with nutrients and oxygen, promotes detoxification, removes water and fat.

Green Mask - anticellulite mask - 90 min.
Used to combat local fat deposits, "orange peel", as well as for body modeling and instant skin softening and smoothing. It promotes weight loss and has anti-inflammatory effect.

Papper - anticellulite pepper and white clay wrap - 90 min.
The combination of an essential oil, pepper, white mud coupled with massage gives surprising and fast results in the treatment of any type of cellulite. It has aromatherapeutic effect, relaxes, calms the nervous system, relieves muscle tension.

Blue Mask Lamminaria - Laminaria mask - 90 min.
The mask is specially designed to care for relaxed, flabby tissues and muscles feeling a lack of tone in some areas; improves and restores firmness of connective tissues. It strengthens, tones and shapes body contours.

Krioplast - green tea mask - 90 min
The procedure is specifically designed to deal with a lack of tone, inelastic tissue, body fat and abdominal swelling. It stimulates metabolism and detoxifies, tones and reduces the volume of the body.

Chocolate - massage with natural chocolate - 90 min
Real sensual immersion in the physical and emotional comfort. Care contributes to the saturation of hormones "joy", fights stress and bad mood. Actively moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens skin, stimulates microcirculation.

Lulur - exotic ritual with natural yoghurt and fruits - 90 min.
Lulur gives to body all active properties of aromatic spices, yogurt and tropical fruits. Stimulates microcirculation, improves immune defense mechanisms, eliminates toxins and fluid excess. Skin gets deep nourishment and hydration.

Tibet - Ayurveda massage with bags filled with salt and Himalayan pebbles - 90 min.
Massage with warm linen bags filled with pebbles and Himalayan salt from the Dead Sea fills every cell of the body with vivifying energy. Deeply affecting the tendons, joints and muscles, massage relieves them of stagnation, inflammation and spasms.

Oligoelements and plant pills scrub
Care restores skin elasticity, stimulates collagen production. Provides super moisturizing effect. After the session, the skin look more even, smooth and radiant as the dead skin cells and skin defects are eliminated.

Aromatic pepper scrub
Innovative scrub body treatment renews the skin making it smooth and sweet smelling. Dead Sea salts have exfoliating and mineralizing qualities; sweet almond oil and moisturizes and softens the skin; a blend of essential oils (pepper, lavender, rosemary) has an aromatherapy effect.

Chocolate-coffee cream scrub
Scrub removes the stratum corneum of the skin thereby stimulating blood circulation and helping to eliminate toxins, enhances anti-cellulite effect. Cream promotes the breakdown of fat cells, improving the overall skin condition. Chocolate aroma activates the brain and such functions as attention and visual memory


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