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Russian Dessert Museum

Where do Sweet Things live?

Of course, you know that sweet things appeared long time ago. People living in the ancient Rus not only baked bread but various sweets as well. At the pictures you can see peasants drinking tea with round cracknels, but in their everyday life they ate not only the cracknels. For instance, have you ever tasted belevskaya pastille or viazemskiy pryanik (cake)? Today we have forgotten about such traditional Russian sweet bakery unfortunately. However, the Russian sweet things have their own Museum already where they are waiting for your visit in the atmosphere of comfort.

We should say a few words about the museum decoration created by a famous artist Tatiana Feina. The museum is full of convenient, atmospheric and original Russian style things. You can see the sweets everywhere; hand-made chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling, a part of soul has penetrated into each museum object.

Why do you have to visit Russian Dessert Museum?

1. You will learn almost everything about the Russian sweet things. You will learn their history; get the information about holiday and everyday desserts, the way they were invented, the desserts which are considered to be the most delicious ones. You will get acquainted with the Russian tea traditions. Our guide will answer all the above mentioned questions and a lot of other ones.

2. You will be able to take pictures at the background of amazing decorations. There are lots of various sweets models everywhere in Museum which look very true-to-life.

3. At our sweets buffet you can buy unique dainties. For example, viazemskiy pryanik the recipe of which is known only to two confectioners. The pryanik consists only of nuts and honey, there is not any flour. We also offer you unusual tubes, honey, sugar candy, pastille, etc.

4. You can taste the sweets drinking a cup of tea and listening to the guide. The informal atmosphere, which is essential for the true Tasty Desserts House, reins in the Museum.

5. The ticket price - starting from 200 RUR. Our task is to make the museum available to everyone so we have set such a low fee.

We will be glad to see you and arrange the excursion for you.

Welcome to the Russian Sweets House!


http://www.rusdesert.ru ; http://vk.com/m_r_d

Working hours: 7 days/week from 10.00 am till 20.00 pm.

Location: Russian Dessert Museum, D. 23/2 , Frunze Str., Zvenigorod (5 minutes’ walk from Tatiana Provence hotel)



Address, phones

  • Address: 12 Moscowskaya str., Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, 143180
  • Tel.: +7(495)597-70-28
  • Tel.: +7(495)721-25-26
  • Fax: +7(498)715-78-93
  • Email: reservation@tatiana-provence.ru
  • GPS:
    Latitude: 55°43′48.5″N (55.73014)
    Longitude: 36°51′11.38″E (36.85316)
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