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Anton Pavlovich CHEKHOV Monument

July 8, 2010 a monument to the great writer A.P. Chekhov, created by the sculptor Vladimir Kurochkin, was opened in Zvenogorod to commemorate his 150th birth anniversary.

Chekhov began his medicine practice in this very town, in Zvenigorod. Upon graduation from Moscow University in the summer of 1884 Anton Pavlovich sit in for S.P. Uspenskiy, the doctor of regional hospital. “I live in Zvenigorod and get used to my role, - A.P. Chekhov wrote to his brother. – I look at myself and feel that we will not live together! I have to become a regional Aesculapian… Nice job!” Every day Chekhov consulted more than 30 patients in Zvenigorod hospital. The hospital building, as well as the age old linden tree under the shade of which Chekhov liked to rest, and the larch tree alley planted by the writer have been preserved to our times.

Vladimir Kurochkin, the monument’s creator, was born in Viatskie Poliany town, Kirov region. He finished the Art School named after K.A. Savitskiy in Penza. Afterwards he graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, the art working group of Aleksandr Rukavishnikov, the national artist of Russia and academician. Despite the fact that Chekhov came to Zvenigorod being a young man, he is represented in bronze as a venerable writer. That is the vision of Kurochkin. Sitting comfortably on a bench Chekhov is gazing at the surroundings and it seems that you can hear his famous words “It’s really good in Zvenigorod”!

Location – Moskovskaya Str. (public garden) – at the hotel entrance.


Source: www.zvencity.ru


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