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Aleksandr Nevskiy Church

Founded at: 1898 - 1902.

Aleksandr Nevskiy church in Zvenigorod is a brick building in the eclectic style. The church quadrangular frame is finished with an octagonal drum dome covered with metal sheet. The frater and two-storied belfry border with the church from its western side.

In 1895 at the meeting of Zvenigorod town authorized representatives it was decided to build the church in the name of St. righteous Aleksandr Nevskiy in memory of the late emperor Aleksandr III at the cemetery of Ascension church. The construction works were held for the costs donated by the town residents and merchants, as well as the costs receives from the sale of five tithes of wood.

The church was built in 1898-1902 according to the architect L.N. Shapovalov’s project.

In 1938 the church was closed. There were located different institutions: beginning from a ladies hostel and ending with Zvenigorod communications centre. In the end the building was rebuilt and lost its original form: a broadcasting antenna was placed instead of the central dome.

In 1991 the building was returned to the Church and the divine service began there soon.

In 1998 archimandrite Nestor was appointed to be the church beneficiary and started large-scale works to reconstruct the building exterior. The same year, by the blessing of metropolitan Yuvenaliy, the second alter was arranged in the church in the name of the right reverend Savva Storozhevskiy.

1998 became the year of a Sunday school for children opening.

In 1999-2002 restoration and inner decoration works continued.

In 2002 an orthodox literature library was opened in the school premises.

In the church the Holy relic parts of the following saints are preserved: St. Aleksandr Nevskiy, great martyr Feodor Tiron, martyr Tatiana, martyr Ioann the Warrior, right reverend Efimiy Afonskiy, right reverend Ferapont Mozhaiskiy, right reverend Nikita Stolpnik, right reverend Amvrosiy Optinskiy, right reverend Anatoliy Optinskiy, righteous confessor Georgiy Danilovskiy, just Aleksiy Bortsurmanskiy, righteous martyr great princess Elisaveta and nun Varvara, St. martyr Aleksandr Vyshegorodskiy and St. martyr Roman.

In 2003 orthodox lectures for adults began. The church is open 7 days a week. The divine service is held every Saturday and Sunday, as well as on the days of great holidays.

Location: Moskovskaya Str. – 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Source: www.zvencity.ru


Address, phones

  • Address: 12 Moscowskaya str., Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, 143180
  • Tel.: +7(495)597-70-28
  • Tel.: +7(495)721-25-26
  • Fax: +7(498)715-78-93
  • Email: reservation@tatiana-provence.ru
  • GPS:
    Latitude: 55°43′48.5″N (55.73014)
    Longitude: 36°51′11.38″E (36.85316)
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