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Trinity Church – Ershovo Settlement

The Holy Trinity Church in the Ershovo Settlement has been known since the seventeenth century. It was wooden and built in a cellular manner; the settlement was owned by Ivan Andreevich Lekhov.

He sold Ershovo to the boyar Mikhail Mikhailovich Saltykov (died in 1659), the first cousin of the Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov. Then the village was owned by his son, the confidant of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and the governor of the Malorossiysky Command. Then, the property passed down from generation to generation, remaining in the Saltykov’s family until 1764.

When D.A. Olsufyev was the owner, the country estate included a one-storey house and a wooden church, but a real prosperity of the homestead fell on life time of his son Vasily Dmitrievich. He made a great career at the court and needed a respectable residence.

The 20s of the nineteenth century were marked by the house reconstruction and foundation of a new church. In 1829, the construction was completed by A.G. Grigoriev, the serf architect and apprentice of D.I. Gilardi. This church is considered to be one of the best estate churches of the Moscow Region. The seignoral estate (as stated in a marble plate on the facade) – also designed by Grigoriev – was completed in 1837.

In November 1941, the Ershovo Settlement appeared to be at the front line. The Fascists were eager to occur in Zvenigorod and then to go to Moscow. Zvenigorod and surrounding villages, including Ershovo, were defended by the 144th Infantry Division of the 5th Army of the Western Front under the command of M.A. Pronin. In the course of the fighting, Ershovo and the neighboring Skokovo Settlement repeatedly passed from hand to hand. Finally, Ershovo was occupied by German troops. The village was burned down, while the former count’s estate was significantly destructed. The church was blown up with prisoners of war and locals trapped in it.

In 1995, the Patriarch Alexy II blessed the construction of a new church on the site of the blown up church using the survived drawings of A.G. Grigoriev. On November 11, 1999 the church was consecrated by the Patriarch.

Farmstead of the Savvino-Storozhevsk Monastery

Address: Moscow Region, Odintsovo district, Ershovo (7 km of Tatiana Provence Hotel)

Olsufyevs’ Estate, Ershovo

The two-storey house with a basement is built of bricks in the Empire style. Finely shaped cornices and portico colonnade are made of white stone. The building burned in 1941 was partially changed in the course of reconstruction. Enfilade structures and some rooms were lost.

External architecture of the house is very laconic. The facade facing the courtyard is the most expressive. It is framed with deep balcony with a portico of Ionic order in front of it. The opposite facade is decorated with a three-part archway and terrace, wide stairs of which descend to the park.

The park with landscape layout preserved alleys of secular limes and a large pond with islands connected with bridges as in old times.

From 1952 to the present time, the estate has represented the holiday home “Ershovo”.

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