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Novoiyerusalimsky Monastery

The Voskresensky Novoiyerusalimsky Monastery or New Jerusalem Monastery (Russian: Новоиерусалимский монастырь) was founded by Patriarch Nikon (1652—1666). This is one of one of the most complex and interesting monuments of russian spiritual culture, russian art and architecture.

Here you can acquaint oneself with the unique monuments of the architectural ensemble of the New Jerusalem Monastery, by using the graphic and photographic materials, iconography, painting and applied art, to trace the history of the New Jerusalem in the context of personal destiny as founder of the monastery of Patriarch Nikon, and in the context of history Russia as a whole.

Central site of the Palestine located near Moscow, Resurrection Cathedral of the New Jerusalem Monastery, designed and built as a topographical copy of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

However, in the guise of the Resurrection Cathedral, as it was before its restructuring in the middle of the XVIII century, the most complete and clearly identified set of ideas contained in the plan of Patriarch Nikon. To create in Moscow adjacent area the accurate similarity of the famous Church of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem to Church of the Resurrection of the Lord, to give Russian people the chance to contemplate the spaces of saving passionis and resurrection of Christ.


Monastery Address: 2 Sovetskaya street, Istra, 143500, Moscow region, Priory. By Volokolamskoye Shosse or Novorizhskoye Shosse (30 km from Zvenigorod)

Tel.: +7(495)994-61-70.

Anybody who wants to visit the monastery with a guided tour can book by phone: +7(496)314-68-38 from 10.00 to 16.00 and +7(910)461-18-57 in anytime.

New Jerusalem Museum

New Jerusalem historical-architectural and art museum located on the territory of Voskresensky New Jerusalem Monastery was founded in 1920. This is one of the oldest and largest state museums Moscow adjacent areas.

Contemporary New Jerusalem Museum stores over 170 thousand exhibits, including a rich collection of church utensils, russian and foreign painting, porcelain, weapons, furniture of manors of the nobility of Moscow region, manuscripts and rare prints, arts and crafts, rare collection of paintings and graphics of the XX century. In the park area of the museum of wooden architecture section works under the open sky. Here guests can acquaint oneself with the remarkable monuments of the XIX century - the peasant hut, chapel, mill.


Mode of operation of the museum:

• Tuesday to Sunday, displays and exhibitions are open to visitors from 10.00 to 17.00 (museum ticket office closes at 16.15, the entrance to the Exhibition building and Museum of Wooden Masterpieces closes at 16.40); 
• Monday - closed


Address, phones

  • Address: 12 Moscowskaya str., Zvenigorod, Moscow Region, 143180
  • Tel.: +7(495)597-70-28
  • Tel.: +7(495)721-25-26
  • Fax: +7(498)715-78-93
  • Email: reservation@tatiana-provence.ru
  • GPS:
    Latitude: 55°43′48.5″N (55.73014)
    Longitude: 36°51′11.38″E (36.85316)
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